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1.AGE REQUIREMENTS: Minimum age 23 years. For car groups G, E1, minimum age 25 years.

2.DRIVER'S LICENSE: A valid driving license held for at least one (1) year is required.

3.MINIMUM RENTAL PERIOD: One day. Delay for more than 3 hours will result a surcharge equal to the rental of one (1) extra day.

4.TRAFFIC FINES: Tickets and attached administrative sanctions resulting from any violation of the Greek Traffic Law during rental period are borne solely by the renter.

5.INSURANCE: Rental rates include coverage against fire and liability to third parties for death or injury. Rates also include coverage against damage to property (excluding the BEST HELLENIC vehicle) up to € 96,845.20. For damages to the rented car, the renter is responsible up to the purchasing value of the car at the time of the accident less 20%. In case of theft of the rented vehicle, the renter is responsible for the purchasing value of the vehicle at the time of theft.

6.COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (CDW): The renter's liability for damage to the BEST HELLENIC vehicle as mentioned above, can be reduced to € 450.00 for groups A, B, € 600.00 for groups C, C1, € 750.00 for groups H, E, and € 900.00 for all other groups by paying an additional daily fee as follows: € 15.00 for groups A, B, € 18.00 for groups C, C1, € 20.00 for groups H, E and € 25.00 for all other groups. The renter may waive the above liability by paying a daily fee of € 6.00 for groups A, B, or € 10.00 for all other groups (FDW). Regardless of whether the CDW or FDW has been accepted or not, the renter is liable for the full repair of the damages he/she may have caused unterneath the vehicle, to the wheels and tires of the car, to the electric top or tent of the car, and the damages due to the violation of the Greek Traffic Law.

7.THEFT PROTECTION COVER (TPC): Theft protection is an optional service which, if accepted, relieves the renter from all financial responsibility for loss or damage to the BEST HELLENIC vehicle by or following theft, according to the conditions of our rental agreement. TPC can be obtained at an extra daily charge of € 10.00.

8.PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE (PAI): It is offered at an extra charge of € 6.00 and covers the driver against death, total or partial permanent disability by traffic accident up to € 14,673.50, hospital expenses up to € 29,347.00, medical expenses up to € 293.50,  and passengers of the BEST HELLENIC vehicle and third party for death or injury up to € 484,226.00.


10.TAXES: All rates include 18% V.A.T.

11.GASOLINE: Gasoline consumption is payable by the renter.

12.BABY SEATS/ROOF RACKS: available on request and are free of charge.

13.AVAILABILITY: The company has the right to change the type of car with another type of the same car group in exceptional cases.

14.DELIVERY AND COLLECTION CHARGES: Free of charge at Heraklion Airport and all areas, except Chania, Ierapetra, Sitia, and South Crete. For Delivery and/or collection in these areas there is a surcharge of € 60.00 per way. For delivery/collection outside office hours (21:00-07:30): € 30.00.


16.ROAD ASSISTANCE: Interamerican - 24 hours (tel: 168).

17.TERMS AND RATES: Subject to change without prior notice.


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